critical-care-icon About Us

The International Council for Senior Secondary Education (ICSSE) has been constituted by the Government of Canada under the Not-for-profit Corporation Act (NFP Act). The Council has been incorporated with the essential aim to promote basic school education, emphasizing on meeting the customized needs of the students, in the ever changing world. ICSSE believes in democratizing school education to provide modern and practical education worldwide, equipping students to face everyday challenges of life and to teach them “how to think” instead of “what to think”.

The ICSSE intends to work for the promotion of school education with special focus on Computer education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in keeping with international values.

The council will work in evolving the overall personality of students and to prepare them for challenges of practical life in keeping with global standards. The focus of the council is to help young minds widen and understand the significance of knowledge and develop an everlasting passion for learning.


ICSSE believes in using education as a tool to empower young minds. Our aim is to provide them best and adaptable quality school education.

We are passionate in making sure that academic systems are developed according to global principles and help each individual in recognizing his dream instead of promoting outdated style of learning.


The Council is committed to offer schools, teachers, and students a background in helping them face unseen and unpredictable future of school education system.

In the fast changing scholastic scenario of the modern world, ICSSE aims to provide the perfect balance between traditional methods of learning and technological innovations.